(Part 1 )Introduction to making the computer industry more inviting for women

The number of women in the computer industry has decreased dramatically. The computer industry has seemed to be uninviting, which is one of the reasons why statistics are low. Also,women who are actually in the industry tend to be underrepresented because there aren’t many women in the environment. Women who are interested in the industry, face inequality issues such as a pay gap and, the feeling of being unwelcomed in the industry. But the big question is who can actually help take a step forward into helping the field become more inviting and welcoming. Tech companies should make the computer industry a more dynamic place for women.  Continue reading “(Part 1 )Introduction to making the computer industry more inviting for women”

(Part 2)Respected People, different views on issue

Some may say that tech companies shouldn’t make the computer industry more inviting for women. Although, if tech companies don’t contribute to making the computer industry more inviting then who will. The government isn’t going to just up and say “hey let’s help make the computer industry more inviting for women”, because of inequality issues and so on. The government could care less, so it’s all up to the people who are actually in the tech world. Such as huge tech companies like, Apple, Google, Twitter, Microsoft and so on.

Those on the other side of the issue such as Tracy Lien, a contract reporter from the Los Angeles Times talks about “How qualified women are abandoning the tech industry“. A Women named Ana Redmond is a math and science Wiz, she could code extremely fast, with few errors. Although back in “2011, after 15 years, she left her management position” (Lien). Continue reading “(Part 2)Respected People, different views on issue”

(Part 3)Author Maciana Yates opinion on issue

After  and before my research, I thought that my topic was an important topic that needed to be discussed. I’ve first become interested in the topic back in high school. My homeroom teacher Mrs. Bermudez brought the topic up on me. She didn’t talk about women in the computer industry. I was in class one day and she was giving a lecture on other topics, besides technology. I saw that she did not talk about women working in tech, so it came to my attention that there aren’t many women in the field and why is that. I’ve come to the conclusion that the field isn’t inviting and tech companies should help out with the issue. Although the government and school insinuations also play a huge role in making the field more welcoming/inviting for women.
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(Part 4) Call To Action !

According to an Article Georgia Wells from The Wall Street Journal, tech companies are starting to helping women get back to work. According to Wells, Tech firms are competing in an escalating battle for talent (Wells). Companies such as “IBM, Google, Paypal, and other small startups are using internships and other programs to help women get to work”(Wells). The companies believe that this will not only help women become more productive in the field but, also helping them get up to speed with the newest technology. Providing more programs, internships, and more can help make the computer industry more inviting for women.
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Issues and Controversies of Women In The Computer Industry


You’re less likely to see women work in the Computer Industry. Women typically work as a Nurse, Teacher, Lawyer, or a Secretary. Jobs that are fewer hands on. Men are the one’s who usually have the Engineering/Tech, Construction, and so on, the more hands on and physical jobs. Although, the occupation women in computing has very low statistics. According to Derek Khanna from the Atlantic, there is only 57 percent of occupations in the workforce are held by women, in computing occupations that figure is only 25 percent. Of chief information;, officer jobs (CIOs) at Fortune 250 companies, 20 percent were held by a woman in 2012. But the big question is why is this, whats is the major issue and why is this.

Many women aren’t exposed to the technology sector. They are told to become a Nurse, Lawyer, Teacher and soon you should get the point by now. Just as Khanna says “ It is likely that many women haven’t considered a career in technology to begin with”. There was a study done at a high school, and the students were asked have they even considered going into the technology field at all, 63 percent said they haven’t even thought about it. The statistics on the students basically represent how women feel about the field in general. Continue reading “Issues and Controversies of Women In The Computer Industry”

Where’s the money within the computer industry ?

Percentage of women decreases 

The number of women in the computer industry has decreased dramatically. According to the National Center for Women and Information Technology’s publication, the numbers in 1985, women made up 37 percent of graduates with a Computer Science degree. By 2010, only” 18 percent of Computer and Information Science graduates were women; at major research Universities, it was only 14 percent” (Moodley). The quote exemplifies how the numbers have gone down. Now the big question who has the authority and the money to help fix this current problem in today’s modern society ? The government, schools, and tech companies are the stakeholders of this current issue.

Inequality in Industry  Continue reading “Where’s the money within the computer industry ?”